Grok My Code

Passionate about software development and all things code.

I am a full time software developer who enjoys working on side projects after hours to hone my skills and learn different technologies.

Grok My Code is a place I use to showcase some of my software development projects.

Projects are listed in the portfolio section with links to demos and repos.

I work on both the front and backend of web stacks with a slight preference for the backend.

The languages, frameworks and tools I enjoy are:


  • Python
  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
  • Vue.js


  • Docker
  • Linux
  • PostgreSQL and SQL in general
  • Javascript
  • React


  • HTML
  • CSS and Sass
  • UI and UX

My name is Brendon Delate and I am part software developer, part entrepreneur.

I wrote my first line of code when I was 15 and was immediately hooked. Once the bug had bitten, I spent high school coding in Basic, then Pascal and finally Visual Basic.

In university I earned a Bachelor of IT (majoring in Software Development), during which time I obtained several distinctions and was placed on the Deans list. While I touched on several languages during that time, my main focus was on Java.

Following university I worked as an IT focused Business Analyst for 8 years as a part of several agile teams. During this time I gained insight into the software development process both from the business as well the developers perspective.

Throughout those years, my goal was always to start a company by leveraging the skills I had gained as a BA along with my passion for programming and the stock market.

After 8 years I left my BA career to create Diversify Portfolio which is a subscription based SaaS product allowing customers to analyse their stock portfolios and look for opportunities.

More detail on Diversify Portfolio and the technology behind it can be found here.

I currently work as a full time software developer with a stack typically consisting of Python, Django, Docker and Vue.js.

I am a regular attendee of both the Gauteng Python User Group and the Jozi Javascript meetups.